We handle small and large industrial and commercial painting projects across the city. We offer a variety of painting services from building refinishing to metal surface restoration and metal siding repairs. We also offer large volume spray painting for parking garages and industrial units.

Our Services

Painting and maintaining the underground parking garages is one of our primary commercial painting services. For residents of condos and apartments, safety is a top concern for both their cars and personal well-being. With that in mind, we almost always recommend white as the primary colour for a garage painting contract. White reflects available light, brightening up any space. An open, well-lit garage is far more appealing to building residents, as well as potential clients looking for parking spots. The reflective qualities of the white paint colour can also save money by reducing the number of necessary light fixtures. Keeping underground garages clean is also easier when surfaces are painted. Regular maintenance is therefore more manageable and less costly.
Keeping a clean and tidy office is an important part of improving productivity at the workplace. White, and other light paint colours are predominantly used when painting an office to create a fresh and focused atmosphere. We work with many different colour and design experts and can help bring new life to your office.
Painting retail stores and mall stores requires a combination of aesthetics and practicality. We have years of experience in retail and mall painting projects and will deliver quality work while keeping your costs down.
Industrial painting projects require expert painters as well as the latest in painting technology and equipment. High volume paint guns can be used to cover large industrial areas while special types of paint coating products and techniques are used to securely seal your commercial space.
Epoxy resins help prolong the life of your commercial or industrial surface by protecting it from external factors such as heat, chemicals, extreme weathering, and timely wear. Weighing, hardening, mixing, and applying epoxy resins are dependent on your specific needs. We can help you choose the coatings that will provide safety and increase lifespan which is essential for warehouse floors, ceramic floors, and parking garages.
Medical office and medical examination rooms should aim to be inviting and comfortable for a patient. Light soothing paint colours like blues, greens, and violets are examples of calming paint colours which can be used in conjunction with white or off-white walls. This will help to put your patients at ease.
Using warm paint colours when painting a reception area or a lobby will help make your guests feel welcome. Accent walls can play on the style of your space and make a memorable impression on visitors and potential clients. We've painted lobbies for many different establishments all over the city.

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Eco-friendly Painting

In order to promote the safety of our environment, as well as the safety of our clients and painters, we only use paint products that contain either zero or minute traces of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Even though our painters wear protective masks, paints that contain VOCs can emit their toxins weeks after the paint has dried, affecting you and your family.

There are a number of benefits to using zero or low VOC paints:

  • No harsh odours emanate from low VOC paint
  • Chemicals that form smog are eliminated
  • Competitive in price and often more cost-effective than traditional high quality paints
  • Drastic increase in indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Promotes environmental preservation and sustainability